[ANSWERED] Conduct research on approaches to risk management processes policies and concerns in your current or anticipated professional arena to find an example of a risk management plan

Conduct research on approaches to risk management processes policies and concerns in your current or anticipated professional arena to find an example of a risk management plan

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a health care risk management program.

Conduct research on approaches to risk management processes policies and concerns in your current or anticipated professional arena to find an example of a risk management plan. Look for a plan with sufficient content to be able to complete this assignment successfully. In a 1,000‐1,250-word paper, provide an analysis of the risk management plan that includes the following:

  1. Summary of the type of risk management plan you selected (new employee, specific audience, community‐focused, etc.) and your rationale for selecting that example. Describe the health care organization to which the plan applies and the role risk management plays in that setting.
  2. Description of the standard administrative steps and processes in a typical health care organization’s risk management program compared to the administrative steps and processes you identify in your selected example plan. (Note: For standard risk management policies and procedures, look up the MIPPA-approved accrediting body that regulates the risk management standards in your chosen health care sector, and consider federal, state, and local statutes as well.)
  3. Analysis of the key agencies and organizations that regulate the administration of safe health care in your area of concentration and an evaluation of the roles each one plays in the risk management oversight process.
  4. Evaluation of your selected risk management plan’s compliance with the standards of its corresponding MIPPA-approved accrediting body relevant to privacy, health care worker safety, and patient safety.
  5. Proposed recommendations or changes you would implement in your risk management program example to enhance, improve, or secure the aforementioned compliance standards.

In addition to your textbook, you are required to support your analysis with a minimum of three peer‐reviewed references.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Benchmark Information

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competency:

BS Health Sciences

3.2 Discuss compliance with risk management protocol

Expert Answer and Explanation

Risk Management Program Analysis

Risk management is a crucial aspect of healthcare operations as it safeguards the interests of each stakeholder. Proper risk management criteria can help the organization achieve its goals and other essential entities that make it critical for success. As it may, risk management comprises measures to evaluate risk and the identification of possible solutions that would aid in the mitigation of the identified risks (Hick et al., 2020). The proper method of advocating for these risks is also a key component of a risk management program. Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) and Nurses Service Organization (NSO) can facilitate the required insights towards proper management programs and the best ways to execute the plan into action.

Summary of Selected Risk Management Plan

The primary purpose of the selected risk management program is focused on the protection of nursing staff, patients, and healthcare visitors from inadvertent injury. From how the program is designed, it also focuses on the protection of the organization’s intangibles and financial assets such as standing in the community and reputation. Inadvertent injuries are one of the major forms of healthcare-acquired illness affecting the vast majority of individuals within the healthcare sector (HPSO, 2020). Hospital-acquired infection or illness is a major cause of unnecessary financial strain on the hospital and the utilization of resources that would have otherwise been used to treat and care for a deserving patient. Other forms of inadvertent injuries that can be acquired within the hospital setting, including patient falls, catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), late diagnosis, and misdiagnosis of patients. These risks can be associated with various injuries that can befall the staff, patients, and visitors.

The risk management plan can be used as a tool that facilitates the implementation of the overall risk management program for the organization. The program offers critical structure and guidelines that can be used for the clinical and business services of the organization, which fosters quality patient care while at the same time ensuring a safe working environment for the staff. In line with the concept of risk management pan, the focus is to offer a concurrent, comprehensive, and systematic approach that opts to reduce the incidences of risk exposures for the stakeholders (HPSO, 2020). The activities found within risk management include risk identification, analysis, investigation, and evaluation to determine whether the implemented change has been effective in bridging the gap. The aspects are followed with the selection and implementation of the most preferred method that would effectively correct, manage, reduce, eliminate, or transfer the issue of inadvertent injuries within the healthcare setting.

The identified risk management program offers an analysis concerning the authorities involves and the roles that the risk manager plays in ensuring the program is effective. Be that as it may, the risk manager is appointed and empowered by the organization to ensure that the program is effective and the final outcomes are in line with the projected goals (HPSO, 2020). The program comprises a governing body whose roles and responsibilities can be communicated either verbally or through a written transcript. The risk manager takes the role of creating, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. The roles are regulated with a set standard of quality, infection control, and patient safety management.

Standard Administrative Steps and processes

In a typical health care organization, the standard administrative steps and processes follow a certain model of intervention before it is resolved or eliminated. To begin with, the healthcare facility providing medical services has employees, including nurses and physicians, who interact with the patients. the staff is guided by a set of company policies that determine what is acceptable and that which is not (Tuck, & Hough, 2017). The staff and affected patients or interested parties are the main individuals who have the capacity to identify an issue that required resolution.  Taking the instance of a nurse, when a fault in the clinical practice is identified, such as increased medication errors due to burnout or inadequate nurses to meet the demand of the patient, there are escalation procedures that need to be followed. Nurses usually have supervisors. The best option is to report the issue to the supervisor and hope to get an immediate solution. If the problem is severe, then the process would need to be escalated.

Within the healthcare setting, the healthcare nursing unit is usually led by a nurse manager who oversees the operations of the nurse are relays information or communications between the nurses and the top management (Tuck, & Hough, 2017). The supervisor can seek the intervention of the nurse manager who would focus on the problem and identify probable solutions, in the case of fatigue and burnout, increasing the rest time for nurses and scheduling shifts that are flexible for the nurses who would be essential. In the event of a nurse shortage, the nurse manager would have to consult with the top management, the human resources department, and the finance to consider the possibility of hiring more nurses to help meet the demand for care and whether there are finances with will facilitate the process.

The administrative steps used by a typical health care organization or risk management program are in line with the steps provided for in the selected risk management program. The plan offers an overview concerning the objectives of the plan, scope, and the specific components that will form the entire program. The component makes up the predetermined intervention that will enable the issue to be resolved or eliminated for better healthcare service delivery (Tuck, & Hough, 2017). The final report is also documented and reported to the governing body, which will form the basis of evaluation. For better analysis and understanding, the plan also creates a timeline in which the evaluations will be taken to ensure continuity of better performance and identification of possible areas of improvement.

Regulation of the Administration of Safe Health Care

The healthcare sector is highly regulated since it is concerned with the lives of people and the overall quality of life. Healthcare risks are also the main reason that led to high regulation within the sector. The regulation of healthcare is conducted by various federal and state bodies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), The Joint Commission (TJC), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Institute of Medicine (IOM) (Johnson et al., 2020). These agencies focus on the quality of care provided, the nature of care provided to the patients, and how the healthcare environment operates. OSHA is focused on the safety and precautionary measures that the healthcare organization has to take to prevent injuries, while EPA takes on the protection of the general health environment and keeping the health of humans. TJC, if focused on the accreditation of the health facilities based on high-quality standards, and the IOM offers recommendations that are relevant to health care provision.

Evaluation of the Selected Risk Management Plan

The selected program is in compliance with the guidelines of the TJC (MIPPA- approve accrediting body) with regard to the aspect of privacy and the safety of the patients and healthcare staff (Inomata et al., 2018). Within the objective provided, the plan focuses on enhancing patient satisfaction, supporting a culture that promotes awareness, facilitating incident reporting, and engaging in educational activities to improve the quality of care (Kagan et al., 2016). TJC focuses on high standards of care, and through the objectives of the plan, the facility will be able it meets the requirements.

Recommendation or Changes

In order for the risk management plan to effectively implement and ensure the success of the set stands compliance, there is a need to make use of additional features and elements. Key among these features include the use of evidence-based practice to offer informed decision-making on the best options to use and mechanism to approach its implementation (Westle et al., 2019). There is also the need to incorporate technological advancement within the implementation module to ensure that the changes are also in line with the current era and meet the demands of the patients.


Risk management is a critical issue and needs immediate intervention to prevent it from worsening and leading to more damages to the staff, patients, or visitors. Through the use of an elaborate risk management program, it becomes easy to implement a plan that can either eradicate or reduce the impact of inadvertent injuries on the affected stakeholders. These measures can then be evaluated to check whether they meet the standards set by the regulating bodies.


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