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ANSWERED! What is the goal of patient education of the

What is the goal of patient education of the elderly?

1. CAM is:
Complementary and alternative medicine
•Complete and advised medicine
•Complex and addictive medicine
•All of the above

2. What is the goal of patient education of the elderly?
•To coerce the patient into compliance
•To maximize both the quantity and quality of life of the patient
•To overly simplify information for the_ patient
•To teach the patient to understand directions

3. The definition of negotiation as it applies to patient education is:
•Telling the patient to ask the doctor what they should do
•Insisting the patient follow the treatment as prescribed
•Letting the patient direct his treatment
Conferring, discussing and bargaining with the_ patient to conform treatment to his needs

4. What should the patient’s condition be to give informed consent?
•Awake and aware
•Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•Of legal age of consent
Awake and aware and of legal age of consent

5. Teaching aids should be used
•To enhance oral communication

•Giving the patient something to do while waiting
•To substitute for one-on-one patient education
•None of the above

6. What is the purpose of informed consent?
•To meet the legal obligation of informing the_ patient about his care

•Kneeling down to the patients level before speaking
•Both A and B
•To keep the patient from refusing the exam after signing consent


7. What is the one thing terminal patients find most difficult?
•Poor hospital food
•Lack of visitors or too many visitors
•Others acting as if the patient is already deceased
•Too many painful treatments

8. Which of the following ethical theories means “do no harm”?

9. Illiteracy is:
•Rare in the United States
•Only occurs in low income, unemployed, uneducated people
•Connected to intelligence
•Inability to read and understand written material

10. What is “ageism” in healthcare?
•Recording the patient’s correct age
•The same as geriatrics
•Discrimination based on age
•The same as pediatrics

11. Activity/passivity is usually used in patient education under such circumstances as
Emergency room treatment
•Semi-conscious patient
•Elderly patient who does not understand
•All of the above

12. What are values?
Personal ethics
•Personal theories

13. How is it possible to integrate CAM and conventional medicine?
• Under medical professional guidance
•Considering CAM as a type of treatment also
•Avoidance of negative interactions about CAM
•All of the above

14. Which of the following is a barrier to education of the elderly?
•Lack of tolerance and respect for the patient

•Patient reminisces too much
•Must repeat directions to patient several times
•Patient is overly demanding

15. When a patient receives a terminal diagnosis what are some of the stages he will experience?
All of the_ Above

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