[ANSWERED 2023] Research the role of an administrator versus that of a nonmanagement staff member in dealing with a workers’ compensation

Research the role of an administrator versus that of a nonmanagement staff member in dealing with a workers’ compensation incident in a typical health care organization.

Research the role of an administrator versus that of a nonmanagement staff member in dealing with a workers' compensation


With the growing importance of increasing wage rates for employees, many health care organizations are implementing technology such as self-help kiosks to reduce staffing. Describe both an advantage and a disadvantage to this practice and discuss how patients may perceive reductions in dedicated staffing.

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Implementation of Technology to Reduce Employees

Among the most recent developments in healthcare is the introduction of self-service technologies, which entail the presence of different tools that aid in providing support to the patients with reduced involvement of employees. These technologies have numerous advantages, including the fact that they help in reducing the overall wait times of the customers, hence help in achieving customer satisfaction.

In traditional scenarios, nurses could spend many hours attending to only a few customers, but the self-serving technologies allow customers to interact with the system in a timely fashion (Bala & Venkatesh, 2017). Other associated benefits are high quality of care as the technologies are not subject to burnout, and hence the quality of service remains the same regardless of the number of customers they serve.

A major disadvantage of customer service technologies in healthcare facilities is that it reduces the emotion in healthcare, which is often an essential component of recovery. By assessing the symptoms of patients and interviewing them face to face, nurses can help to assess all the factors that need to be changed in order to restore the patient’s health (Chuang & Graham, 2018). With the self-serving technologies, however, patients have limited access to the personal connections with their healthcare givers, and hence bring about problems in recovery.

Patients may perceive reductions in dedicated staffing as inhumane acts by the management, associating such a move with ingratitude for the work they have done (Chuang & Graham, 2018). In most of the cases, reducing dedicated staff to replace them with machines appears as a form of de-humanization, where the staff members are compared to equipment, only that they are less productive equipment.


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Research the role of an administrator versus that of a nonmanagement staff member in dealing with a workers’ compensation incident in a typical health care organization. What are the minimal responsibilities and reporting duties for each? What recommendations would you suggest for improving organizational compliance with regulatory requirements at the staff level? Support your analysis with a minimum of one peer-reviewed reference.

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Administrators and Non-management staff members in Workers Compensation

Minimal Responsibilities and Reporting Duties for Each

Administrators in healthcare facilities play a crucial role of overseeing the day to day administrative functions, and hence are called health service managers. Besides planning various health services, health administrators are involved in the management of staff budgets to ensure the healthcare system becomes self-sustaining. By monitoring the budget, the health administrators can assess the suitability of different positions for employees and also recommend to senior management about the recruitment options where there is a deficiency of staff members.

In cases where there is a surplus of staff members compared to the available resources, health administrators can give reports that are geared to reduce the overall staff. Nonmanagement staff, on the other hand, have little influence on staff compensation as they are less powered to make decisions. However, people in different specialties can recommend for an increase in staff compensation of the units in response to increasing staff demands.

Recommendations for Improving Organizational Compliance with Regulatory Requirements at Staff Level

Compliance among staff members is one of the factors that influence overall staff wellness in organizations (Van Erp, Wallenburg, & Bal, 2020). To enhance compliance, there is need to have platforms in which staff members can air their grievances about some of the issues that affect them at the workplace (Van Erp, Wallenburg, & Bal, 2020). Regular education about the issues that can help to bring about compliance could also help to positively impact the wellness of the workplace.


Godoy, J. D. (2019). The Implementation of the Research Business Administrator at a Large Healthcare Organization: A Programmatic Evaluation of the Department of Research and Evaluation Units.

Van Erp, J., Wallenburg, I., & Bal, R. (2020). Performance regulation in a networked healthcare system: From cosmetic to institutionalized compliance. Public Administration98(1), 46-61.

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Supervisors responsibilities for workers compensation

As a supervisor, you play an important role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring that employees are protected in the event of a workplace injury or illness. In regards to workers’ compensation, your responsibilities as a supervisor include:

  1. Promoting workplace safety: Ensure that your employees have a safe and healthy work environment by implementing and enforcing safety policies and procedures, providing training and equipment, and regularly assessing and addressing potential hazards.
  2. Reporting accidents and injuries: If an employee is injured on the job, it is your responsibility to report the incident to your company’s human resources department or workers’ compensation administrator as soon as possible.
  3. Assisting with workers’ compensation claims: Work with your company’s human resources department or workers’ compensation administrator to provide any necessary information or documentation related to a worker’s compensation claim. This may include details about the accident, the employee’s job duties, and any previous work-related injuries.
  4. Supporting injured employees: Provide support and assistance to employees who have been injured on the job. This may include helping the employee understand the workers’ compensation process and connecting them with resources for medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  5. Encouraging a safe and healthy return to work: If an employee is able to return to work after a workplace injury or illness, work with them and their medical providers to develop a safe and healthy return-to-work plan.

In addition to these responsibilities, it’s important to stay informed about the workers’ compensation laws and regulations in your state or province, as they can vary depending on where you work. By promoting workplace safety, supporting injured employees, and assisting with workers’ compensation claims, you can help ensure that your employees are protected in the event of a workplace injury or illness.

What is the first thing a supervisor should do when an injury is reported

When an injury is reported to a supervisor, the first thing they should do is ensure the safety of the injured employee and any others who may be affected by the incident. This may involve calling emergency services if necessary or taking immediate steps to secure the area.

Once the safety of the individuals involved has been established, the supervisor should take steps to gather information about the incident, including:

  1. The nature and extent of the injury
  2. How the injury occurred
  3. The names of witnesses and their contact information
  4. Any relevant environmental or equipment factors that may have contributed to the incident

The supervisor should also provide appropriate first aid and medical attention to the injured employee and ensure that they are transported to a medical facility if necessary.

It is important for the supervisor to document the incident, including any actions taken and the information gathered, as this information may be needed for insurance and workers’ compensation purposes.

Self help kiosks to reduce staffing in healthcare

Self-help kiosks are interactive touch screen terminals that can be used to automate certain tasks and reduce the need for staffing in healthcare settings. These kiosks can be used for a variety of purposes, including check-in and registration, appointment scheduling, and patient self-service.

In a healthcare setting, self-help kiosks can help to streamline the check-in process by allowing patients to enter their own information and sign electronic consent forms. This can reduce the time and effort required of front-desk staff, freeing them up to focus on other tasks. Additionally, the use of self-help kiosks can help to minimize the spread of infectious diseases by reducing the amount of time that patients spend in close proximity to each other.

Self-help kiosks can also be used to help patients schedule appointments or access information about their health. For example, patients can use the kiosks to view their test results, medication lists, and appointment schedules. This information can be accessed securely, ensuring that patient privacy is protected.

In conclusion, self-help kiosks in healthcare can help to reduce staffing needs by automating certain tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more complex tasks, and improving the overall patient experience by reducing wait times and providing access to important health information.

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