[ANSWERED] Create a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides (slide count does not include title and

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides (slide count does not include title and references slide) describing the chosen community interest.

[ANSWERED] Create a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides (slide count does not include title and.

Include the following in your presentation:

  1. Description of community and community boundaries: the people and the geographic, geopolitical, financial, educational level; ethnic and phenomenological features of the community, as well as types of social interactions; common goals and interests; and barriers, and challenges, including any identified social determinates of health.
  2. Summary of community assessment: (a) funding sources and (b) partnerships.
  3. Summary of interview with community health/public health provider.
  4. Identification of an issue that is lacking or an opportunity for health promotion.
  5. A conclusion summarizing your key findings and a discussion of your impressions of the general health of the community.

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  • Canyon county is the second-most populous county in Idaho with a population of 229,849 according to approximations by the U.S census Bureau. The county’s seat is in Caldwell. The county has a land mass area of 1,564 km², and is part of the Boise Metropolitan Statistical Area (U.S Census Bureau, 2020)

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  • Just like the state of Idaho, Canyon County is mainly republican and has been voting republican since 1940s’
  • In terms of Economic standing of the county, the median household income is $52,147 against the national median of $68,703.
  • The rate of poverty in the county is at 10.1% against the national average of 10.5%.
  • The main economic activities in Canyon County, are health care, retail, mining and manufacturing
  • At least 85.1% of the residents living in the county have a high school degree or higher against the national average of 91%

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  • Ethnic Composition of Canyon County.
    • White alone – 70%
    • Hispanics – 25.6%
    • African Americans – 0.8%
    • Native Americans – 1.7%
    • Asians – 1.1 %
  • Canyon county is predominantly a Christian County. Some of the leading Christian denominations include;
    • Evangelical Denominations  15,598
    • Catholic Church  14,108
    • Church of the Nazarene  5,883

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  • Social interactions in Canyon County are mostly unrestricted, with people sharing common, religious, cultural, educational and social interests freely interacting with one another. Due to the current pandemic, most of the public places, when people had most social interactions were closed which led to decreased social activities.
  • However, it is expected with increased vaccination, most of these joints will be reopened. One of the common celebrations within the county is the Canyon County fair held every July 28-31.

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Some of the barriers to health for residents of Canyon County include;

  • Inadequate access to proper nutrition as evidenced by high obesity rates, (over 25% of adults and 8.8% of adolescents as per the CDC statistics)
  • Low access to mental health care services
  • Poor social habits including drug use and abuse
  • Sedentary lifestyle

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  • Social determinants of health are conditions that affects an individual state of health and well-being some of which are outside their control, and other even inherited (Murray, 2018).
  • For Canyon County, the social determinant of health include income, education, neighborhood and physical environment, availability of social support networks, as well as access to health care.

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  • From the community assessment, it was noted that a majority of the community members are predominantly Whites, and seemingly young. This observation aligns with the Census Bureau statistics that place 70% of the population living in Canyon County as Whites (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020).
  • Another notable aspect was that most of the members seemed to be from the Christian faith based on the number of churches compared to mosques or temples located within the community.

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  • From the Mayo clinic vaccination tracker, Idaho appears to be the state with the lowest number of vaccinated people with just 44% against over 50% average across the country (Mayo Clinic, 2021), and this formed the basis of the community health promotion campaign.
  • From the physical assessment, it was also observed that a majority of the residents were following the COVID-19 prevention protocols including wearing masks and keeping of social distance in grocery stores, banks, and other public spaces. Hand hygiene protocols and temperature checks were also evident

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  • In terms of nutrition, the neighborhood appeared to have sufficient avenues of access to proper nutrition. However, other socio-economic factors like low income and culture to some community members acted as barriers to proper nutrition.
  • According to statistics by the CDC, over 25% of adults and 8.8% of adolescents living in Idaho were obese. With regards to COVID-19, preliminary statistics showed that obese people were likely to have poor outcomes compared to those who were of healthy weight (Zhang et al., 2021)

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  • Some of the sources of health care funding for the county include, state and federal funding through various programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. There is also community funding, through community-based organizations such as churches.
  • Local businesses also provide financial support to various health initiatives. Most of the partnerships touching on health initiatives involve churches, the business community, community residents through active mobilization, and schools and higher learning institutions.
  • Partnership between health care institutions and the government is also present, including in the current COVID-19 vaccination

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  • The interviewed community health worker noted a high prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses, lifestyle diseases like obesity and type II diabetes, and respiratory illnesses as some of the health challenges faced by the community.
  • The community health worker also noted increasing cases of people facing mental health problems, more so depression especially among young people.

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  • In terms of resources, the community health worker noted that the community had just enough resources but could still use more, especially human resources to meet the increasing need for health care services.
  • The community health worker noted two barriers preventing the achievement of positive health outcomes, which include poor lifestyle habits (poor nutrition habits and low uptake of physical activities), and low awareness, especially on mental health.
  • Some of the areas that have seen improvements regarding healthcare as noted by the community health worker include, increased sensitization on preventive health and health-seeking behaviors, increased rates of vaccination especially among children, and increased involvement of community stakeholders especially resource allocation to improve the health outcomes of the residents living in Canyon County.

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  • During the interview, I also inquired from the community health worker, the community’s response to COVID-19. Given the challenges witnessed, he responded that it was way better with targeted efforts to sensitize the community on preventive measures, which the community complied with. Regarding health promotion, the community health worker noted that there were several ongoing health promotion initiatives with different areas of focus, with most of them showing positive results in terms of response from the community.
  • Currently, one of the health campaigns that is receiving a lot of focus in the community is to have people vaccinated against COVID-19. In this regard, the community health worker noted that a lot of efforts are being invested but much could still be done to have more people, especially the younger population vaccinated. Some of the noted challenges concerning the vaccination exercise include misinformation about vaccination and natural immunity. Lastly, the health worker recommended that more sensitization should be done to dispel the rumors and misinformation about the vaccine and the vaccination exercise.

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  • Idaho is one of the states with the least Covid-19 vaccination rates across the country (Mayo Clinic, 2021),. This is despite evidence showing that vaccination is the most effective way of preventing severe disease and deaths from the virus.
  • Some of the reasons why the state is recording low vaccination rates could be because of misinformation about the vaccine and the entire vaccination exercise.
  • As such, there is an apparent opportunity to put in place a health promotion campaign to improve the rate of vaccination not only in Canyon County but the state as a whole.

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Slide 15

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  • This presentation described the findings collected from a community health assessment conducted in Canyon County, Idaho.
  • The findings revealed various issues concerning the health status of the community.
  • The presentation also noted some of the social determinant and barriers of health faced by residents living in Canyon County.
  • A health promotion opportunity to increase sensitization on Covid-19 vaccination recommended based on the findings from the assessment.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). State nutrition, physical activity, and Obesity profile … https://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpao/state-local-programs/profiles/pdfs/idaho-state-profile.pdf.

Mayo Clinic. (2021). U.S. COVID-19 vaccine tracker: See your State’s progress. Mayo Clinic. https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccine-tracker.

Murray, T. A. (2018). Overview and summary: Addressing social determinants of health: Progress and opportunities. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing23(3).. https://www.doi.org/10.3912/OJIN.Vol23No03ManOS

U.S. Census Bureau (2020). Quick Facts: Canyon County, Idaho https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/canyoncountyidaho/AGE295219

Zhang, X., Lewis, A. M., Moley, J. R., & Brestoff, J. R. (2021). A systematic review and meta-analysis of obesity and COVID-19 outcomes. Scientific Reports11(1), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-86694-1

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