[ANSWERED] Complete a comprehensive risk assessment for a friend or family member. Please do not use the patient’s name or identifiers

Complete a comprehensive risk assessment for a friend or family member. Please do not use the patient’s name or identifiers. Discuss your findings. Then, reflect on your interview and discuss which parts went well and which parts you will change the next time you complete a risk assessment.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Comprehensive Risk Assessment for a Friend

Risk assessment is aimed at quantifying the possibility of an occurrence of a severe event or its possibility of producing adverse effects in case of occurrence. This process is important in informing the decision-making process and improving the ability to foresee eventualities of the victim and hence increasing the preparedness to face them (De Moraes et al., 2019). In this risk assessment exercise, I chose to use JK, a 79 y.o. close elderly friend who has two lifetime conditions and lives at home alone with his wife. I choose to use the FIDAC tool of risk assessment which entails formulation of the problem, identification of the problem, identifying the link between dose and response, exposure assessment, and characterization of the risk (Gentry, Franzen, & Greene, 2020). In the formulation of the problem, I identified the fact that JK was a lonely individual and may not have the capacity to fulfill all his health needs. Among the hazards I identified was the undesirable environment where the patient had increased risks of falls because of the presence of slipperly floors, obstacles in his regular path, and the increased forgetfulness (Gentry, Franzen, & Greene, 2020). In exposure assessment, I found that the patient is exposed to the risk of contracting infectious diseases in the hospital because of his frequent visits. It is evident that the patient faces many risks and should constantly engage his PC about his deepest concerns so as to efficiently manage these health risks.

Reflection on the Interview

The main parts that went well in the interview were those in which I was asking patient about specific personal information. Specifically, the patient was responsive and was ready to answer multiple questions even those not directly asked. Another part that went well was when providing him with the recommendations as he was inquisitive and ready to embrace change. Nevertheless, the patient had several challenges including the inability to differentiate the truth and the exaggerations shown by the patient. Next time during risk assessment, I would be sure to interview him in presence of his wife or another family member so as to reduce inconsistency.


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