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[ANSWERED 2023] After presenting your capstone project change proposal write a 250-350 word summary of the presentation (proposal sample pdf, proposal example, how to write)

After presenting your capstone project change proposal write a 250-350 word summary of the presentation.

After presenting your capstone project

Review the feedback on the change proposal professional presentation and make the required adjustments to the presentation. Present your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to an interprofessional audience of leaders and stakeholders. Be prepared to answer questions and accept feedback.

After presenting your capstone project change proposal, write a 250-350 word summary of the presentation. Include a description of the changes that were suggested by your preceptor before your presentation and how you incorporated that feedback. Describe how this interprofessional collaboration improved the effectiveness of your presentation. Include a description of the feedback and questions from your audience after your presentation, and how this experience will affect your professional practice in the future.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

After presenting your capstone project

Expert Answer and Explanation

Capstone Project Change Proposal Presentation

The capstone project presentation provided an opportunity for sharing the evidence-based idea I had worked on with the help given by my preceptor. The project involved introducing an education intervention that aimed to improve the communication skills of home care nurses. The basis of the project change proposal was founded on tangible, collected evidence, which showed that with improved communication skills, there was a likelihood to experience improved patient engagement, enhanced trust, and ultimately improved patient experience and satisfaction (Kim & White, 2018).

The preceptor played a major role in making the presentation successful. Some of the suggestions made by the preceptor involved the evidence to be presented and some of the key points that need to be captured, for example, the resources needed and the anticipated outcomes to make the presentation more effective. By doing so, I was able to make my presentation more concise, which made it easier for the audience to understand.

To assess the effectiveness of the presentation and whether the content was understood, I had to seek feedback from the audience. Most of the feedback was positive, but there were a few questions posed that sought to clarify some of the logistical issues involving the implementation of the project. Some from the audience were skeptical about whether the project would achieve the intended impact.

However, using the evidence gathered, I was able to convince them that it was worth a try. From this experience, I believe I have gained some skills that will help in planning, coordinating, and implementing positive changes in diverse care settings. It is a skill I intend to hone as I continue advancing my education and profession.


Kim, B., & White, K. (2018). How can health professionals enhance interpersonal communication with adolescents and young adults to improve health care outcomes?: A systematic literature review. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 23(2), 198-218.

Alternative Answer

Capstone Project Change Proposal Presentation

Nurses should have skills in presentation to help them present findings to the stakeholders. I created a presentation about my change proposal to present it to the preceptor to for feedback. My preceptor made a few corrections to the presentation to ensure that it looked comprehensive, informative, and straight to the point.

The preceptor asked me to change the presentation’s heading and include something that will catch the readers’ attention and increase their urge to read or listen to what is in the project. One of the corrections was to use visuals when developing the PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, I had to use images and illustrations to emphasize my points. Visual presentation style is a type of presentation where the presenter uses various illustrations to make their points clear (LeFebvre et al., 2022). However, I was advised not to use too many images to prevent diverting readers from the content.

The preceptor recommended some improvements to make my presentation effective and better. One of the recommendations to include key points on the slides and explain them on the speaker note sections to allow people who want to skim through the project to do it in the shortest time possible and capture all the points noted. Interprofessional collaboration is a vital element, and it highly impacted the effectiveness of my presentation. Interprofessional collaboration is a practice where professionals work towards a common goal. Through interprofessional collaboration, I was able to note errors in my presentation and make changes as advised. The audience responded positively to the presentation.


LeFebvre, L., Parsons, M., Entwistle, C., Boyd, R., & Allen, M. (2022). Rethinking PowerPoint slide design for multimedia learning. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 00472395221077628.

Schot, E., Tummers, L., & Noordegraaf, M. (2020). Working on working together. A systematic review on how healthcare professionals contribute to interprofessional collaboration. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 34(3), 332-342.

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