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Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 12 (Guido

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 12 (Guido

Module 5 Assignment

For this week’s assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation based on the following case studies.

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 12 (Guido, p. 218) and answer the following questions:

  • Did the facility have sufficient evidence to suspend the nurse?
  • How should the testimony of the other nurses in the unit affect the outcome of this case?
  • What additional questions should the institution address before the court rules in this case?
  • How would you have ruled in this case?

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 13 (Guido, p. 234) which begins, “The patient was seen by the NP in an outpatient clinic for persistent diarrhea,…” and answer the following questions:

  • How should the expert witness for the defense offer testimony that the NP and the consulting physician had met the standards of care for this individual patient?
  • Did not having a full autopsy impact the outcome of the case either for or against the NP and the clinic?
  • Would the care of this patient have been positively impacted by a more thorough examination of the patient’s gastrointestinal problems?
  • How should the court decide on the issue of negligence?

Read Chapters 16 and 17 in Guido (7th ed). Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 17 (Guido, p. 328-329) beginning with, “A licensed practical nurse…” and answer the following questions found on p. 329:

  • Did the nurse manager have a responsibility to supervise the care of the patient?
  • Was the care of this patient appropriately assigned to the LPN by the charge nurse, or could the charge nurse have delegated this patient’s care more appropriately?
  • If the charge nurse assigned the care of the patient to the LPN, did she retain any supervisory responsibility that would result in her liability in this case?
  • How do the principles associated with delegation and supervision figure into this case?
  • How would you decide this case?

Assignment Expectations

Length: 16 slides minimum; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner.


Title: 1 slide

Objectives: 1 slide

Chapter 12 case study: at least 4 slides

Chapter 13 case study: at least 4 slides

Chapter 17 case study: at least 4 slides

Conclusion: 1 slide

References: 1 slide

Additionally, because a good presentation has few words on the slides include a script with the verbiage you would say when presenting; script should be a minimum of 50 words per slide.

References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your claims, at least one per case study.

Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint document and a Word document (.pptx) and (.doc or .docx) or Open Office Impress.

File name: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and the module number (for example, “RHall Module1.pptx”)

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