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ANSWERED!! Identify the recommendations made in the IOM Future of Nursing report. Discuss strategies needed to implement the recommendations.

Identify the recommendations made in the IOM Future of Nursing report. Discuss strategies needed to implement the recommendations.

– Identify major highlights of the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report: Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. Discuss the primary recommendations posed by the report.
– Discuss strategies to implement the recommendations to advance the profession of nursing.
– Share your own perspective on the recommendations


Institute of Medicine Report

Nurses make up a significant proportion of healthcare professionals (Buchan, Twigg, Dussault, Duffield and Stone, 2015). These professionals play significant roles in the delivery of healthcare and work across various settings; hospitals, public health centers and educational institutions. Their roles include direct delivery of patient care, patient education, health promotion and coordinated healthcare (Buchan et al., 2015). Pointedly, these professionals work in various leadership care and work towards improving healthcare policies. As the healthcare system undergoes transformational changes, the unstring professionals are making far reaching impact through the provision and affecting quality of care.

Major highlights of the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report (IOM)

The 2010 IOM is a detailed analysis of the nursing profession (Hain and Fleck, 2014). The report highlights a set of recommendations focusing on the critical integration of complex and changing needs of patients across the lifespan and the nursing practices. These recommendations intend to support the efforts made to enhance the health of the American population through the engagements of nursing professionals that are committed to quality healthcare delivery. Major highlights in the report include building a healthier population, transformation of unstring education, promotion of nursing leadership, increased diversity, improved access to healthcare and collective workforce.

Recommendations made in the IOM Future of Nursing Report

The report suggests eight highlights that are incorporated into four issues:

  • Effective policy framework and workforce planning demands an adaptable data collection systems and data infrastructural framework.
  • Nursing professionals should be engaged fully with other stakeholders including physicians in the process of redesigning health care in the country.
  • Nursing professionals should achieve advanced levels of education and capacity building through structured systems that promote seamless academic development.
  • Nursing professionals should optimize their practice with regards of their level of education and training.

The report is further intended to work as a basis for transformational changes in the nursing profession and in the delivery of healthcare services (Hain et al., 2014). The nurse-led solutions are geared towards individual policy makers, state and national leaders, professionals and researchers. The IOM suggest the allocation of incentives (educational loans, grants and scholarships) for nursing professionals who intends to pursue advanced degrees. Further, the IOM recommends an increase in the doctoral level nurses by 2020. Beyond that, the committee supports the move for life-long learning in order for the nursing professionals to optimize their skills.

Strategies needed to implement the recommendations.

Healthcare sector has seen changes in legislative practices; including the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The institute of Medicine offers independent and unbiased recommendations in developing informed legislative practices with regards to healthcare (Lathrop and Hodnicki, 2014). In order to achieve these recommendations, educational intuitions are expected to: recruit and train new faculty members through competitive salaries and benefits; attract and retain competent nursing professionals in different care settings including primary care and public health; conduct comprehensive examination of innovative solutions concerned with healthcare delivery and professional training through a focus on nursing and delivery of related services; and finally invest and support the expansion of nursing faculties and increase the capacity of nursing institutions and redesign their curriculums to ensure production of adequate and competent nursing professional.

Consequently, while nursing professionals play significant roles in the delivery of healthcare and transformation of the healthcare sector, the power to improve the current regulatory practice calls for the participation of all stakeholders; including the insurance industry. Through an integrated approach, these parties will contribute particular insights that will guarantee seamless, affordable and quality care that can be accessed by the entire population and lead to better health outcome.


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